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Dean Dr. Zhang,Dingli

Welcome from the Dean

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the School of Civil Engineering (SCE) at Beijing Jiaotong University. SCE is one of the finest civil engineering programs in China.

Our mission is to ensure our students have a happy, productive and fulfilling experience in their program at all levels of their education.  The opportunity to undertake studies in the School of Civil Engineering will provide you with a rich and unique experience in terms of personal growth and understanding. It is unlike any other life experience.  It will not be without challenge or vigour, but it can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. [More...]


About SCE

The School of Civil Engineering (SCE) at the Beijing Jiaotong University enjoys a good reputation for excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, and for research that improves the quality of life in China.

History of Excellence
The School of Civil Engineering (SCE) in Beijing JiaoTong University was founded in 1996. Its predecessor was the Department of Construction of the Beijing Railway College founded in 1956. Alumni of SCE have worked on numerous railway infrastructure landmarks at home and abroad. They continue to design, build and improve society’s infrastructure in China and, increasingly, throughout the world. 

Multidisciplinary Agency
Through more than 50 years?development, SCE has become a comprehensive school with Departments of Bridge Engineering, Tunnel & Underground Works, Building Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway & Railway Engineering, Municipal & Environmental Engineering, Mechanics, in addition of Laboratory of Civil Engineering; and also Research Centers of Tunnel & Underground Engineering, and Urban Track Traffic ....... [More...]

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